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  • Dog Services

    Dog hostel

    Dog hostel- Choosing somewhere for your pet to stay whilst you’re away is an important decision to make. Dog hospital Patna provides dog boarding facilities for pet owners under Expert assistance Your pet will be cared for by staff who have been professionally trained to look after your pet with skill and empathy. Many kennel and cattery employees are passionate about animal care and have a wealth of professional credentials and experience. It ensures Interaction and companionship, proper exercise, and nutrition.

    Why is it important to start good puppy care on day one?

    Once more, you're laying out the groundwork for yourself. Little dog care, forestalling insects, showing them the platitude, "Hello!" Messing with their ears, their face, their eyes, opening their mouth, contacting their tongue, getting them used to giving pills, and different things like that … These all made way for a decent pup to-canine change.

    Dog training

    Training a dog is an important part of owning one, and it can begin at any age. Training boosts self-esteem, stimulates the mind, and strengthens the human-animal bond. Dog Hospital provides dog training services like Socialization—general or special training for shy canines. Reactivity.

    Manners—basic, intermediate, and advanced—including commands like sitting and staying, walking on a leash, responding when called, etc. Competitive skills, such as agility or nose work

    Dog Insurance

    What Is The Right Food To Feed Your Dog?

    Pet insurance can protect your dog from not getting the care they require, in addition to the financial benefits. Insurance makes it easier to diagnose illnesses and receive treatment, even for more expensive procedures like surgeries and cancer treatment.

    Dog pathology

    Dog Allergy Symptoms

    Dog hospital Patna provides pathology services which include acute diagnosis, blood sampling. .While not typically hazardous, sensitivities in canines truly do cause inconvenience. Most side effects are related with dermatologic issues yet some can likewise prompt persistent respiratory issues in certain canines if untreated for extensive stretches of time. Now and again a proprietor will carry their canine to a veterinary arrangement, suspecting a genuine ailment and wind up discovering that their canine sidekick has a sensitivity.

    Here are some allergy symptoms commonly found in dogs:

    1. Excessive licking

    2. Compulsive scratching

    3. Periodic chewing on the same or different body parts or areas

    4. Regularly rubbing body or body parts against the ground, walls, furniture, etc.

    5. Frequent sneezing and/or wheezing

    6. Skin irritation/fur loss

    Dog vaccination

    Dog hospital Patna facilitates dog vaccination. There are four core vaccines and two lifestyle/non-core vaccinations. Vaccination for dogs' core diseases Parvovirus is a virus that infects dogs. Canine distemper is a disease that affects dogs. Hepatitis in dogs Rabies

    Dog Grooming

    Dog Allergy Symptoms

    Dog hospital Patna facilitates dog grooming services under experienced staff members. The offered services are Bath (typically with anti-flea and anti-tick shampoo)

    Here are some Services for dogs:

    1. Brushing

    2. Eye and ear cleaning.

    3. Nail trimming

    4. Teeth brushing.

    5. Haircut (if needed)

    6. Anal gland expression.

    Dog Spa

    - Dog hospital has a dog spa under its premises. It offers services like bathing, drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, gland expression, sanitary trimming, and breed-specific haircuts are some of the services available. De-matting, undercoat removal, teeth cleaning, massages, and facials are all included in some packages.

    Puppy sale / Purchase

    Dog hospital avails puppy sales and purchases. We consider your demands and market.