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  • Cat Services

    Cat Boarding

    Cats are known to prefer their own space and time. Leaving them with a cat border rather than kennels ensures that they will have plenty of space. You may require to double-check that your cat is comfortable with the person you're leaving them with and won't act aggressively. Dog hospital Patna ensures the safety of your cats. The space is clean, hygenic, and functions under supervisors.

    Cat Insurance

    Dog hospital Patna facilitate cat insurance. Depending on the policy you choose, you'll have more options for dental issues, parasite-borne diseases, cataracts, fractures, pregnancy complications, and so on. Pet insurance is also beneficial for pets who may require additional medical attention as they grow older.

    Cat Pathology

    Pathology testing aids your veterinarian in making accurate diagnoses and treatments for your pet. This keeps animals healthier for longer eliminates unnecessary delays in receiving the best treatment for their condition. Dog hospital Patna runs its pathology. The pathology exists in the premises of the hospital itself.

    Cat vaccination

    Vaccinations begin at 6-8 weeks of age and are repeated every 3-4 weeks until the kitten reaches the age of 4 months. Dog hospital Patna facilities vaccination for your cats, there are two main vaccinations your indoor cat will need to stay healthy throughout her life.

    Cat grooming

    Dog hospital Patna provides cat grooming services under professional staff who will take care of your cats and handle them in a friendly manner. Cat need grooming as brushing your cat's coat regularly removes dead hair, dirt, and debris, preventing mats before they become unmanageable and reduce hairballs, which build up in your cat's digestive system and eventually end up on your carpet.

    Cat spa

    Dog hospital Patna provides spa services under experienced staff members, who are trained to handle your pet cats gently. The process involves Spa bathing, comb out, cat massage, nail services, flea dips. ...

    Cat sale / Purchase

    Dog hospital provides great offers and authenticity. We provide pure breed cats to the owners, you can buy/adopt cats from us ...